This is a brief overview of the settings. Some setting have a detailed description, a link leads to it.

  • SetUTC – timezone setting. The default set UTC=2 is used by many brokers. 
  • Pair: internal configuration for Moneymanagement. Set Pair=1 for EURUSD, 2=GBPUSD, 3=AUDUSD, 4=USDCAD, 5=USDCHF, 6=USDJPY, 7=EURGBP
  • OrderQuantity: defines the amount of open orders. 1=single 2=hedging 3=unlimited
  • Auto_Moneymanage: automatic money management can be used 
  • MiniLots: if set to true, auto money management works in steps of 0.01 lot
  • MaximumRisk: how much % of account free margin is set on risk for each trade
  • Lots: lot size if automatic money management is disabled
  • BuyActive: 0=disactivated, 1=trade of main strategy, buy on new high, 2=trade of own strategy set in OwnFilter
  • ReverseBuy: 0=disactivated, 1=opens a trade if main strategy is reversed by a filter
  • StopLossBuy: SL in points
  • TakeProfitB: TP in points
  • SLtoEntryPointsB: distance in points from order open price (entry price) when the SL is set to entry price
  • SLtoEntryB1_6: de/activates 6 different functions that set SL to entry price.
    Set e.g. 101110 function 2 and 6 are inactive, 1, 3, 4 and 5 active.
  • StartTrailBuy: distance from order open price where the trailing stop starts acting
  • TrailDistanceBuy: distance from price in points where the trailing stop sets the stop loss
  • HourStartStopBuy: sets start and stop time when the EA works
    set e.g. 918 it starts at 9h and stops at 18h
  • HoursNoTrB: sets hours when the EA doesn’t open trade
  • set e.g. 809121517 at 8h, 9h, 12h, 15h and 17h no trades are opened
  • the maximum is 12 digits = 6 different hours
  • 1 digit hours must be set with 0 before, if not the first one in the line
  • MoHrStartStopB: start and stop time for Buys on Mondays
    set start and stop time for every weekday can be set the same way as HourStartStopBuy. If set 0 HourStartStopBuy is relevant
  • FrHrStartStopB: start and stop time for Buys on Fridays
  • BarsBuy: amount of bars a new high must exceed to trigger a trade. More about that in Main strategy >>
  • VolaMinMaxB: two 3 digit values can be set, first 3 digits set the minimum the own volatility parameter xl must have, the second 3 digits determine the max. value of xl.
    In a market with low volatility it is unlikely that the price continues rising after a new high. In a market with very high volatility the StopLoss maybe touched fast, as it is
    calculated for a ‘normal’ market. More about it in Volatility … in Main strategy >>

The following 5 settings de/activate 6 different filters each, similar to SLtoEntryB1_6. Set 1 a filter blocks a buy trade, set 2 it triggers a sell instead of buy, set 3 it triggers a sell only if hour > 13, set 4 it triggers a sell only if hour < 15

FiltersB1_6=113224 – in this example filters 1 and 2 only block buy trades, filter 3 triggers a sells only after 13 o’clock, filter4 and 5 open a sell independent of the time and filter 6 only before 15 o’clock.

The following 6 settings OwnFilterB1a to OwnFilterB1f represent the fields where 1. own filters for the main strategy can be built, see Own Filters >> 2. own strategies can be built, see Strategy Builder >>

  • After that follow the settings for filter B2 that is also split in 6 parts. The same you find for sells, 2 times 6 settings.

Then follow the settings for sell orders, they are equal to the buy settings. Then come some setting that rely on both, buy and sell.

  • HrFriStop: At that hour the EA stops opening orders (if not already stopped by another setting). But additionally it closes from that hour on every trade that is above break even or closes it when that is reached.
  • HrFriClose: At that hour the EA closes all open orders, no matter if win or loss, to avoid open positions over the weekend.
  • NoTrYearEnd: Last trading day is 23. of December, first trading day 3. of January.
  • MAGICMA: magic number
  • OrderOpenAlarm: if true, a pop up window and a sound alert inform that an order is opened
  • EmailAlarm: if true, an email informs that an order is opened
  • PushAlarm: if true, an push notice informs that an order is opened
  • Text_Buy: short text in the alarm message
  • Text_Sell: short text in the alarm message
  • DrawLines: if set to 2 the preview function is activated and lines are drawn equal like set to 1: horizontal lines in the chart show highs and lows of former days and weeks. Mouseover a line shows what line it is. (hhd1= highest high of the day before, hhd2= highest high of two days before, etc.. lld1= lowest low of the day before, etc.. hhw1= highest high of the week before, hhw2= highest high of two weeks before, llw1= lowest low of the week before, etc.)
  • DrawTrendlines: sets the mode how Active Trader plots trendlines. Set to 1 it starts drawing a line from the high of the day before to the current highest high of the day. More about it in the 2. half of page Trendlines >>
  • PanelButtonSize: changes the control panel button size from 1 to 8
  • To move the control panel downwards add 10 or 20 .. or 40. E.g. 44
  • TestFilterBuy: filters can be tested by adding 100 to the number of the filter
  • TestFilterSell: more about it: Filters and their settings >>