Features Active Trader

Active Trader opens positions according to a simple basic strategy that is improved by filters. To understand the filters and the live trading features you should understand first the basic strategy. Active Trader works in H1 charts, opens a new order at the change of the hour when a new High or Low is reached.

A Buy trade was triggered when a new High was made. The High must be higher than all Highs in the last X bars. X is set in BarsBuy, usually at about 80 bars = 80 hours, approx. 3 days. Moving the mousetip over a line (mouseover) a popup window explains what a line means. Here it is hhw2 = highest high week 2

A sell trade is triggered at change of the hour when a new Low was made. The Low must be deeper than all Lows in the last X bars. X is set in BarsSell.

A filter triggered a Sell trade instead of a Buy reaching a new High. A red ‘ok’ sign shows at mouseover which filter reacted and the conditions of the filter. Here lowest low of last 5 hours is higher than highest high week 1 and highest high day 1 is higher than rdn = round number.

Here a filter has reacted and triggered a Buy trade instead of a Sell, reaching a new Low. The text in the chart is not shown by mouseover. It informs about the
particularity that the h. high of day 1 was higher than the h. high of day 2 and also higher than the highest high of day 3 (and now we are at a 3 day low).

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