Use sudden severe price fluctuations:
Constantly a stop buy and a stop sell order in the market.

Traders know that: there’s a huge price movement in the chart, almost a crash and again you haven’t been in the market with a trade in the right direction 🙁

A message surprises the market or the high-frequency trading is going crazy – moving the market 50 pip or more within a minute … With the CrashTrader you don’t miss those trades!

The CrashTrader keeps open two pending orders at a specified distance to latest highs and lows in a currency pair at any time. The distance shall be reviewed every minute and corrected if necessary. Once one of the pending orders is achieved by a strong price movement, a position is opened .

trade 1 crashtrader

Here a short example how the Crashtrader works

The video shows how the expert advisor Crashtrader sets pending orders above & below the price, leaving it there for one minute.
If the price reaches a trigger level the opened order gets a stop loss thats modified when a certain level is reached.
With ongoing price the stop loss follows until the price comes back and the order is closed.

Really great price movements are unfortunately rare. Therefore, the EA is preset that already ‘medium’ price spikes open positions in order to close relatively early again. The stop loss can be placed quite close (8 Pip here), because it is considered a continuation of price movement. So the CrashTrader achieves good profit in EURUSD, even without a ‘crash’ in the tested period.

The CrashTrader trades here with activated automatic moneymanagement on a $ 1,000 account.
8 pip stop loss at a risk of 2% of trading capital per trade.

The EA always runs a stopbuy order 16 pip over the last high and a 16 pip stop sell order below the recent low. The profit-taking is done by dynamic trailing stop. Thus, smaller price swings are already closed after 10 – 20 pip profit, but some also with 50 pip and more profit.

Trading capital is doubled in the tested period of 4 month.

Backtest Crashtrader

Backtest crashtrader


Should there be crash -like movements of 100 pip or more, the equity curve goes steeply upward. Such movements were more frequent in recent years.

If some crash prophets proved right, there will be something like that soon again.

Livetrading result >>

Autom. moneymanagement sets ordersize. 1% of aviable capital is on risk each position.
The account would show 2040$ more profit with autom. moneymanagement active in the 1 month, so that instead of 0.1 Lot directly 2.5 Lot would have been ordered.
First month the EA made 85 pip profit. 85 x 24$ = 2040$

The CrashTrader can be used in a variety of currency pairs and CFDs, on any number of accounts. All settings can be changed. The EA may repeatedly be used with different settings active in one currency pair. The detailed tutorial shows how to open a variety of ways to make good profit.

Active traders who don’t want to run automatic profit-taking can inform themselves about the OrderOpenAlarm (opt. / audible) when a trade is opened. The CrashTrader can then be adjusted, for example, so that from a certain profit the stop loss is set to the entry price and the trader weighs himself, when he closes the order ( partial).

For the purchase price of 134 USD you purchase the ex4 file ‘ CrashTrader2.0 ‘ for the Metatrader4 trading platform, as open-ended bootable full version, with associated instructions in pdf format.

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