Active Trader for free

The filters in Active Trader describe chart situations where the basic strategy is inappropriate, so the direction of the trade should be reversed.
There’s thousand ways to describe a chart situation, but few ways to describe it good, so that backtest and trading result really improve. Assemble a good filter is work for hours.
It needs a lot of time already regarding one currency pair, but there’s dozens. In a big company a team would work on it constantly. Here is the idea that the users improve the product they work with.

Even with the demo version of Active Trader you can assemble new filters or new strategies in any currency pair.
If you show us new good filters you can use Active Trader for free. Take the given filters for EURUSD as example. Each of them improves the trading result in a 10 year backtest for some 100 pips.
That are a good filters, codes like that we want. Generating a code that prevents one or two loss trades and opens a win trade in the opposite direction, a single or double event, doesn’t help a lot. One doesn’t know if the event in the chart that the filter describes will appear ever again.

We also reward a new strategies built with the Strategy Builder. You can choose freely a currency pair, timeframe etc. A backtest since 2013 should give a result at least similar to the given example described in the Strategy Builder page. Of course we reward filter codes that improve that strategy a lot too.

If we accept a filter code it’ll be included in the Active Trader’s preset filters. A new strategy will be published as set file. As reward we send you a ActiveTrader.ex4 file that works a month on up to 2 account numbers you give us. If it’s really good what you sent us we may send you a 2 or 3 month working ActiveTrader.ex4 file.

If you have a code contact us >>

You have some experience in trading and understand the Active Trader strategy? You have time to look at the charts every once in a while? Well, maybe then you can improve the automatic trading of the system. You can offer your trading as paid signal, so the rent of Active Trader is compensated. Offering it over is easy and there’s much more possibilities to offer a signal. We’ll help you to spread the word.