Active Trader

Active Trader

Expert Advisor – automatic trading

Active Trader is a unique multistrategy trading system that works fully or semi automatically. Its features make it easy for active traders to get the most out of the market. The integrated strategy builder permits to change the program algorithm or create a new strategy. A control panel in the chart permits easy intervention in live trading. In tests with historical data the control panel becomes a trade simulator, so own ideas and strategies can be tested easily.

Active Trader includes one preset main trading strategy that can be tradet fully automaticly. Several sub strategies can be development further or used as base for semi automatic trading. Trading with trendlines that open and close trades is easy with Active Trader. See examples in a backtest, details in Trendlines >>

The main trading strategy triggers a trade when a new 3 days high or low is made, always just one order with StopLoss. No martingale, no grid, the diversification on several pairs lowers overall risk.
The basic strategy is improved by filters that react on the relation of highs and lows of days, weeks and month before, which are indicated in the chart.
All filters are explained in the chart and can be de/activated and tested in interaction with the other filters or standalone. Own filters can be created and tested the same way.
Active Trader works in any chart, default settings are for EURUSD H1 chart. Set files for other currency pairs are aviable.

Learn trading by doing

Who doesn’t want to ‘leave it all to a machine’ gets with Active Trader a perfect tool for live trading. A preview function shows if a buy or sell will be opened before the trade is triggered, the decision of the system can be modified by the control panel before Active Trader opens the position. For a open trade the preset exit strategy can be modified easily, the control panel changes when a trade is open.
Traders can test all live trading features of Active Trader in visual backtests to learn trading with Active Trader by doing.
No matter if after work-, half- or full-time-trading, every trading strategy is possible.
Understanding the strategy and the EA’s features enables active traders to get more out of the system. Sometimes an algorithm can fail but even a little trained trader can improve the result.
Active Trader draws relevant lines and trendlines into the chart. Own trendlines can work as open order trigger or StopLoss line, simply giving the line a corresponding name. E. g. ‘sls’ makes a line work as StopLoss line for a sell.

A prepared backtest starting Jan. 2018 shows how to work with trendlines.
Details in the middle of the page Trendlines >>

Important parameters are shown as comment in the chart, particularities like unusual chart constellations are marked.

Active Trader for free
You’ve got an eye for charts? If you help improving the program algorithm of the main strategy or develop a new profitable sub strategy with the strategy builder you can use Active Trader for free. Read the description of the filters and the strategy builder to see that improving the algorithm has less to do with ‘coding’, it’s more a matter of interpretation of charts.
More about Active Trader for free >>

Active Trader is brandnew. Software can change a lot with the time. We have many ideas to improve and simplify Active Trader, it just needs some time.

Feedback from traders is always welcome. Tell us what feature you are missing for your trading. Maybe you can use it already in the next version of Active Trader.
You are using black on white charts and want other colors for the lines in the chart?
Or you think you have a good eye for better colors in the green on black charts we use? Active Trader is prepared to use set files for the colors. Maybe the setting DrawLines=4 is your personal setting from next version on. Send us a list like: lld1 = Green; lld2 = … Here you can contact us >>

Buy or rent Active Trader here >>

Details of all features >>

Live trading features >>

Strategy Builder >>

The result of a 11 year backtest in EURUSD H1 chart


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